What’s that Bird? Nature Outing

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In 6th grade, for science, we study birds. In our classically educating co-op we use the curriculum What’s That Bird? from Memoria Press. We learn to identify 30 of the most common birds by sight and by sound. We also learn about the anatomy of birds, how they fly, characteristics of different birds, etc. It’s a fascinating study and the children love it!

To make science come alive we went to our local Audobon center (The Nina Mason Pulliam Rio Salado Audubon Center) and went a free guided bird tour. It was amazing! We saw over 30 species of birds! They are situated right by the Salt River as well as there are man made and natural ponds so we saw a lot of birds that love water!

We all remarked how incredible it was to see the Salt River up close. In most places, our rivers are dry. The water is underneath the earth. Most of us have driven over that stretch of I-10 many times knowing we are crossing a “river” but to see it up close was amazing! You wouldn’t hardly even know you were in AZ by all the lush trees and grasses.

The lush landscape of the Salt River in south Phoenix
Bird nests in Palo Verdes
Racoon Footprint
Racoon Pawprint
Beaver tail swishing across the soil
These kids find water to play in wherever they go!
Another bird nest!
Great Heron
Making coyotes! This is what you are supposed to do when you see a bird to alert everyone quietly!
Screwbean Mesquite
American Coot
Nature Journal time! We love to journal about the birds that we have seen.
We look up a picture of a bird we have seen to help us draw our picture. Each picture and journal entry is like a fun “passport stamp” in our nature journal. It’s fun to look back and see all the places we’ve been and the things we have seen.
These are some of the many birds we saw
We saw a grey hawk
Green Heron
The kids were mesmerized by the heron’s and their huge size. Seeing them fly was a real treat!
Blue Heron

Curriculum recommended: What’s That Bird Complete Set

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