7th Grade

I’ve structured this page for those who like to piece together their own curriculum but I know there are a lot of people (seems like most I encounter) who just appreciate to find a trusted curriculum that will package it all together for them in a box for a reasonable price. If that is you, this is my best recommendation: Memoria Press Seventh Grade Classical Core Complete Set.

classical curriculum for 7th grade
Memoria Press Seventh Grade Classical Curriculum Set


NOTE: If your child is new to latin read my article on latin placement and scroll to the end to find the chart on latin placement for older children.

Classical Spelling:



Memoria Press Grammar is designed to be less time consuming than most grammars because you are getting a great deal of grammar learning in latin. This frees up a lot of time and my children have said they like this grammar more than any other they have done.

Classical Studies


The students will see poetry throughout the literature curriculum but this is the year they memorize Horatius – if they accomplish this feat they earn a medal and pin and are welcomed into the Horatius Society!


This is a very gentle introduction to Greek. The children will learn the alphabet and the sounds so that at the end of the course they can read any greek word.

Christian Studies/Bible

This year the children will do a survey of the entire Bible, memorizing many verses and reading select passages from every book. They will learn the authors, themes, and main message of every book in the Bible.



This is a deep dive into trees. It is a nature study of the world around them as well as a scientific study of trees and how they work at the molecular level. Since this course takes up about half the year, the other half of the school year is Exploring the World of Biology.

Classical Composition

It is not recommended if you are new to begin here. You start at the beginning in Fable, and move at an accelerated pace to get to where you need to be. Take a look at this helpful Classical Composition Sequence Chart. Each level builds upon the previous one. This is level 4:

American Studies: