Homeschool Co-op Valentine’s Party 2021

I love Valentine’s Day. It’s so fun to to celebrate and share our love for our family and friends. Some people object to Valentine’s Day because they say we should share our love every day. And I do agree with that–but like every other holiday–it’s a fun break from the normal where we go out of our way to do extra special things. If we did extra special things every day it wouldn’t be extra special…it would be normal. So I think we should shower our love every day, but Read More …

Teen Paradise Valley 4H Baking Day

Our 4H group of teen/tween girls learned out how to decorate gourmet cakes! They had an absolute blast and learned a really wonderful skill that they’ll carry through their whole life long! 4H is an organization that has been around since the early 1900s as a way for children to learn life skills outside of school. At HLSPV, while we pursue a rigorous classical education, we also make time to learn life skills such as baking, knitting, gardening and more.