New at Excelsior: Afternoon Classes for All

We’ve added afternoon classes (from 1-2pm) to our line up now. They will be enrichment classes for Primary-4th grade. 5th and 6th will do classical studies and science. 7th grade and 8th grade will do Classical studies or Geography III and Literature. Highschool level classes will continue to do highschool science. This does not cost any extra and is already included in the tuition. Not all moms may be able to want to stay for the afternoon, depending on little ones nap schedules and such, but most definitely will.

AFHE – Annual Homeschool Conference

Pauline Abello will be working at the Memoria Press homeschool booth on Friday, July 16 through Saturday July 17. Come see the curriculum or to chat with her more about the co-op. You also can fill out the interest form on the tab above to connect as well. Update from Pauline: this year was new being at GCU (always it had been at the Phoenix Convention Center) and I would say we did really well. Families I spoke to at the conference ended up joining Excelsior and I would say Read More …