Preschool and Junior Kindergarten

We use the A Beka Preschool curriculum.  It is very sweet, engaging, patriotic, conservative, and Christian.  And it is perfectly at the right level for each age, building year by year.

Preschool and JrK:

We have three preschool classes:  

  1. Babies through 2’s
  2. 3’s
  3. 4’s –The 4 year olds are the JrK kids, they will begin the very basic steps of reading.  We have had many four year olds who are ready to read but not yet ready to write or sit still (which are kindergarten skills they will develop with age).  The 4’s preschool level is perfect for them as they will learn to count to 100 and recognize letters and sounds, and some will even begin to sound out words.

Children in Preschool will experience each day:

  • free outside play (we have a lovely fenced-in preschool playground with small swings, slides, and tiny picnic benches!)
  • we read beautifully written board books with excellent illustrations 
  • singing
  • nursery rhymes
  • Manners lessons
  • Vocabulary building
  • Bible stories
  • Counting time
  • Every day we make time for free play that inspires creativity such as: silks, wooden blocks, puppets, play dough, percussion musical instrument set, wiki sticks, duplos, magnet tiles, ribbon wands, pipe cleaner activities, and more! (we have a toy rotation to keep the toys fresh and interesting)
  • drawing time – we have special pencils and crayons designed for their little hands
  • snack time (parents pack their snacks)
  • optional nap/rest time (there have been times when that worked well with the ages we had and then there came a time when they outgrew it–that is an option that we gage based on the class needs/parent input)