how to classically education your preschool prek child

How to Classically Educate your Preschooler

Choosing the Right Speed for your child If you are like me you are excited and ready to start homeschooling! I remember with my first daughter touring the AFHE (Arizona) Homeschool Convention full of enthusiasm and excitement. I was annoyed that most of the homeschool curriculums didn’t have science or history included in kindergarten. Why…

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Why you should study latin

Latin – The Mother Tongue

Why Learn Latin? This is the question that every parent or student asks themself at one time or another.  Isn’t it a dead language? What use is it today? Let me give you some great reasons to learn latin– especially in the way that we are learning it – through studying Scripture. I would make…

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What Do We mean By Liberal Arts?

The Liberal Arts I went to a “liberal arts” college. What about you? Back then the meaning was muddled to me, if it even meant anything at all. Now today the word liberal is almost strictly associated with political parties. But that was not how things always were. There was a time when the word…

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A Simple Study of Nature

In his prophetic essay The Abolition of Man (1944), C. S. Lewis asked whether the triumphs of modern science “may have been too rapid and purchased at too high a price.” While there is a place for modern biology and sciences, there is still room for the simple study of nature. This is the very essence of…

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