3rd Grade

I’ve structured this page for those who like to piece together their own curriculum but I know there are a lot of people (seems like most I encounter) who just appreciate to find a trusted curriculum that will package it all together for them in a box for a reasonable price. If that is you, this is my best recommendation: Memoria Press Third Grade Classical Core Complete Set.

Classical third grade curriculum
Memoria Press Third Grade Classical Core Curriculum

Note: You can also customize the above set if your child needs different levels: Third Grade Customizable Complete Curriculum Package

For those eclectic folks who like a bit from this and a bit from that, look down below to get ideas from my best suggestions from varying different curriculums. All curriculums mentioned below I have used and loved:

  • Third Grade Curriculum Manual –  – the most amazing done for you book of them all! Every lesson plan and what you should do daily already perfectly planned. Masterfully done and takes the guess work out of it (the manual includes every book mentioned below).


If your student is new to latin they do not need to do Prima Latina (from second grade). This course moves at a slower speed (they don’t do latin every day) and small assignments. They will cover the content that was learned in Prima Latina, and much more.



Reading: Novels and Literature Guides


Classical Studies

They will cover Greek Myths in 2 years (3rd and 4th)


Timelines are essential for helping children to fit the different pieces of history together in their mind.

Christian Studies



This year the children will take in depth study of mammals



American Studies/Geography


These are books that are chosen because of their beauty in prose, art, and content. I feel it is essential that we read to our children, and when we read aloud it is a good idea to choose books that are a grade level above our children’s reading level. This will increase their vocabulary and improve their own reading as they hear harder words and more complex sentences read well. These are good books that have survived the test of time—books that are well written and beautifully illustrated.

Read-A-Loud Novels

*Denotes hardback

Read-A-Loud Picture Books

Third Grade Read-A-Loud Picture Book Set

*Denotes hardback

Supplemental American History Books:

We focus on geography in grades 3-6 in our Classical Core Curriculum because it is beneficial for students to know where the historical events they study take place in the context of each other. But grammar school years are a great time to introduce American history too. So we go through these four sets of American biographies and novels as a supplement to our 3rd grade Classical Core package. They are purchased separately but they will be referenced in the Third grade classical core curriculum guide and assigned as reading each week.

american studies literature novels third grade homeschool curriculum
Third Grade Supplemental Reading for American Studies Set

Third Grade Set includes:



These are not part of the core but can be purchased separately