About Us

Welcome! Highlands Latin Paradise Valley is a classical, Christian homeschool program. We offer instruction in core subjects using the award winning Memoria Press Curriculum through a one day per week co-op experience. Our goal is to compliment and enhance the homeschool experience for our families by offering a challenging, traditional, academic setting that enlivens the mind and refines the soul. We aim to pass on the heritage of the Christian West to the modern student.

We are Christian, classical, and traditional. In all we do, we seek to engender a love for the Good, the True, and the Beautiful.

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Our Mission

Led by parents, and guided by the Gospel, we seek to educate students to the highest standards of the classical tradition, so that they may grow in knowledge, wisdom, and the love of our Lord, and more ably use their gifts in the service of others and for the glory of Christ and the Church.

Our Distinctives

  • We educate classically in the tradition of our founding fathers and those who have gone before us. Classical education aims to teach wisdom—how to think—and virtue—what to do—through the learning of classical languages, reading of God-honoring classical texts, and study of the 7 liberal arts.
  • We pride ourselves on a solid Christian education which anchors itself to the essentials of the Christian faith, maintaining belief in the goodness of Christian morality and the divine inspiration of the Holy Scriptures.
  • We are traditional. Our education practices span the centuries in the sense that parents, in the role of teachers, lead the children to virtue, wisdom, discovery, and inspiration. Lessons focus on content mastery.

Our Purpose

Highlands Latin Paradise Valley is classified as a Christian homeschool “cottage school.”  What that means is one day a week, we, as mothers, serving in the areas that God has gifted us, teach (or assist those who teach), in an orderly, classroom context. Together, following the Memoria Press Curriculum, we cooperatively teach what is of good form and lasting value (Classical), and that which conforms to a Biblical standard within a Biblical worldview (Christian).  Our goal is to create a beautiful education full of virtue and wisdom for our children, all the while bringing glory and honor to Christ.

Our cottage school will serve the purpose of creating wonderful lifelong friendships within the supportive community of the families. As parents, we share our talents and giftings co-op style in educating our children together, holding each other accountable, in love, to do what we have purposed and set out to do. We meet together on Mondays and the remainder of the week we homeschool our children on our own completing the rest of the assignments from the curriculum for that week.

Classical Homeschool Families in Arizona
Homeschool is family – and we are all learning- from our biggest girls to our littlest!

The Passion of Highlands Latin

Docere, Delectare, Movere

To Teach, To Delight, To Move

What is Classical Education?

Classical education is the imparting of wisdom and virtue through the study of the liberal arts and humanities. The liberal arts are the fundamental intellectual skills used in every academic discipline and the humanities are the history and literature of Western civilization through which we learn, through precept and example, the ideas and values of our culture.

Although it is the best way to learn the skills for both employment and citizenship, it does not focus on narrow job skills training or political indoctrination. Rather, its focus is passing on the culture of the Christian West to the next generation.

Children who are educated classically develop a life long love of learning that enables them to do any job or start any business. They learn the critical thinking skills to conquer any task and figure out what they need to do to accomplish a goal. And they have a strong moral background steeped in what is good, true, and beautiful. This is the way the greatest men and women of our country have been educated for centuries. Only in the last 50 years have people tried to derail the system that produced some of the greatest minds. But time has proven that the classical way is the best way.

What is a Cottage School?

Highlands Latin Cottage Schools are homeschool programs all across the country that meet one or two days per week. Highlands Latin Schools are independently owned by the directors. Each “cottage school” may be ran differently, different classes offered, but we all use Memoria Press curriculum and we all ascribe to the tenets of the Christian faith as espoused by the Apostles Creed.

Class sizes are kept to a minimum to increase participation, and ensure a high level of attention is granted each student. Lessons are incremental, content is age-appropriate, and students learn the important skill of quality written work completed in a timely manner. Homework is moderate and is for the purpose of practicing or preparing for a lesson.

Our Curriculum

The curriculum at the center of the Highlands Latin Cottage School program is Memoria Press’ Classical Core Curriculum. The curriculum focuses on the cultivation of wisdom and virtue through meditation on the Good, the True, and the Beautiful. This is accomplished in two ways: first, through training in the liberal arts; and secondly, through a familiarity with the great books and the great thinkers of the Western tradition. This curriculum is constructed with two central ideas in mind: mastery and simplicity.

Mastery of content is the goal of every program within the Classical Core Curriculum. Students are guided through the material in a way that emphasizes mastering a concept before moving on to a new one. The ability to immediately recall information and explain ideas is the end-goal of each program within the Classical Core Curriculum.

Simplicity is central to the design of each program. Rather than building the curricula full of extras and dress-ups, Memoria Press provides a robust, thorough, and focused exploration of each subject as it is studied. The purpose is to present a product that is highly accessible and effectively taught.

To learn more about the products and support Memoria Press offers homeschooling families, visit their website.

Memoria Press

The Classical Distinction

A classical Christian education aspires to give students the kind of wisdom that would require a lifetime of experience to achieve on their own. This wisdom is gained by reading the classics under the guidance of teachers who have integrity, knowledge, and wisdom.

The curriculum is a coherent whole in which each year of study builds upon the skills and knowledge of the previous year. Families should not be deterred, however, by the cumulative nature of our curriculum. With assistance from the mothers who teach, and some possibly some summer preparation, motivated students can enter our program of studies at any grade level and be successful.

Our formal classical curriculum begins in 3rd grade, so students who enter our program any year after 3rd grade are encouraged to select books from our curriculum list for summer reading. For Latin, however, no extra preparation is necessary. An age-appropriate beginner class is available for all new students.

The typical high school courses, such as American Literature or World History, are missing from our curriculum; instead there are the three “Studies” areas—Classical/Christian Studies, English Studies, and American/Modern Studies. In these integrated courses, students learn the history, geography, literature, and art of each culture. We believe this is an effective method of learning about the past, one which decreases fragmentation and increases understanding and retention. Courses in our three-pronged “Studies” curriculum satisfy college requirements for history, English, and geography.


Latin and Greek, mathematics, and music are foundational and universal languages. They are the cumulative and challenging subjects in the Memoria Press curriculum, enabling students to reach their full intellectual potential by developing the powers of the mind as no other subjects can. The singing of hymns (which we call sacred music) awakens the soul to God and assists in creating a community of faith, hope, and love. A careful reading of the classics, guided by the truths of Scripture, develops wisdom and virtue.

Our curriculum is organized into the following six academic subjects plus music, art, and physical education:
• Classical Languages • Mathematics • Classical/Christian Studies
• English Studies • Science • American/Modern Studies


Highlands Latin School in Louisville, KY is “mother” school that we base our model after. We all use the same Memoria Press Curriculum. The MP curriculum and HLS model over the years has consistently produced academically successful students as evidenced by these recent stats:

  • Ranked in the top 1% of schools across the nation 12 years in a row on the Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS).
  • K-8 students score an average of 3.6 grades above their grade level on the ITBS.
  • 36% of seniors in the last 3 years recognized as National Merit Semifinalists/Commended.
  • 3-year average SAT score is 1372 (1600 scale)
  • 3-year average ACT is 30.

Our Accreditation

All Highlands Latin Cottage School campuses are accredited by the Classical Latin School Association. Visit their website to find out more about the mission and purpose of CLSA.