2nd Grade

I’ve structured this page for those who like to piece together their own curriculum but I know there are a lot of people (seems like most I encounter) who just appreciate to find a trusted curriculum that will package it all together for them in a box for a reasonable price. If that is you, this is my best recommendation: Memoria Press Second Grade Classical Core Complete Set.

Note: You can also customize the above set if your child needs different levels: Second Grade Customizable Complete Curriculum Package

For those eclectic folks who like a bit from this and a bit from that, look down below to get ideas from my best suggestions from varying different curriculums. All curriculums mentioned below I have used and loved:

  • Second Grade Curriculum Manual – the most amazing done for you book of them all! Every lesson plan and what you should do daily already perfectly planned. Masterfully done and takes the guess work out of it (the manual includes every book mentioned below).



Don’t be nervous, moms and dads, this is a super, gently, very easy introduction to latin. You totally don’t need to have a background in any kind of language at all (except English. The guide is written in English…so that’s a must 😉 ).

Reading and Phonics

These are excellent stories that children can continue practicing their reading skills with mom or dad. The teacher guides continue to use the phonics flash cards and the classical phonics guide and builds their phonics (so if you don’t have those from kindergarten or first grade you’ll need to get the “new user add on set”). It also works on vocabulary and comprehension of the text.


A very simple introduction to grammar. Each lesson is quite short.



This is the main science text that is used in tandem with the science readers below (science readers are purchased separately from the core package above).

Cursive, Penmanship, Writing Practice



Enrichment covers Art Study, Crafts, Music (classical), and excellent Read-A-Louds, Poetry

  • Second Grade Enrichment Guide -this book offers suggestions for activities that go along with the read-aloud books (below) for each week. The activities and enrichment books give students an introduction to the subjects of literature, poetry, art, music, history, culture, and science (science set shown below)


Art Study


  • Music Enrichment – the 2nd grade enrichment book (above) each week will have you listen to a classical music piece and this book teaches you and your child more about the composer and the piece you are listening too. Note: This book comes included with the kindergarten and first grade sets, if you are a new user you will want to purchase the “new user add on” set
  • Second Grade Play list – this playlist is what is found in the curriculum manual, music enrichment book, and the enrichment book


If you don’t have these 2 books from kindergarten you’ll want to get the “new user add on set”


Literature is fundamental to a strong classical education. Reading aloud to your children is one of the best gifts you can give them. A reading program like the one below will help your child develop a taste for quality literature from an early age. Children delight in listening to the rhyme and wordplay of poetry. These books are selected because they are beautiful in their art and prose. You’ll never regret the investment in building your child a library of beautiful books. (I classify these as “good books” – for what makes a “good book” read my blog post here).

After extensive reading and research, Leigh Lowe (author of Prima Latina, and wife of President of MP, Brian Lowe) has personally selected each of these books for our Kindergarten Read-Aloud Set as her top favorite read-alouds for the primary years (and I can tell you right now some of these are my favorite children’s books too!). These stories not only motivate children to become great readers, but they also teach them about history, geography, holidays, science, and more!

Classical curriculum great books read-a-louds second grade
Second Grade Read-A-Louds Enrichment Set

These books are used every week in the 1st grade curriculum (see picture at very top) but must be purchased separately. You can find most of them at your library or can purchase them all as a set or individually here:

*Denotes hardback

Science Read-A-Louds

At this age the best way to learn science is through “good books”. The kind that are enjoyable, written by one author (not a conglomerate like in a dry textbook) and create a sense of awe and wonder. The below books coordinate in a lovely way with the above literature read-a-louds. The second grade Memoria Press curriculum guide tells which to read on what days and is already all planned out for you:

Classical curriculum 2nd grade science books literature
Second Grade Science and Enrichment Set

These books are used weekly as science books and coordinates with the read-alouds but they are purchased separately. You can find many of them at your library or purchase them all as a set or individually below:


These are not included in the core package but may be helpful: