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We saw this bull…at Schnepf Farms!

Classical Education Farm field trips

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Here he is friends…in all his glory! The giant monstrosity of an animal! This picture really doesn’t do it justice. He was HUGE. 9 feet tall easy. They said he just kept growing. So maybe the painting above is accurate! Maybe this farmer was really proud of his giant square-like bull.

Large bull classical educators field trip
This bull was probably 7 feet tall!
This photo is pretty accurate for a family picture. This is why photoshop was made! Baby ready to cry…children looking away…! This is life family of 7! 🙂
Beautiful family!
Isabelle’s first roller coaster…it looked like a good beginner one but it was way too scary! Thankfully she was riding with daddy!
Isabelle was also not wild about this pony! She got a little scared.
Classical education homeschool field trips to farm and cultural gatherings.
But THIS she loved! Turns out the Schnepf family has a long history of riding planes as farmers. This ride is a tribute to that legacy.

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