We saw this bull…at Schnepf Farms!

Classical Education Farm field trips

Here he is friends…in all his glory! The giant monstrosity of an animal! This picture really doesn’t do it justice. He was HUGE. 9 feet tall easy. They said he just kept growing. So maybe the painting above is accurate! Maybe this farmer was really proud of his giant square-like bull.

Large bull classical educators field trip
This bull was probably 7 feet tall!
This photo is pretty accurate for a family picture. This is why photoshop was made! Baby ready to cry…children looking away…! This is life family of 7! 🙂
Beautiful family!
Isabelle’s first roller coaster…it looked like a good beginner one but it was way too scary! Thankfully she was riding with daddy!
Isabelle was also not wild about this pony! She got a little scared.
Classical education homeschool field trips to farm and cultural gatherings.
But THIS she loved! Turns out the Schnepf family has a long history of riding planes as farmers. This ride is a tribute to that legacy.

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