Scottsdale Philharmonic February Concert

Scottsdale Homeschool co-op

This concert was truly wonderful. It is also so amazing that it is free! While not as big as the Phoenix Symphony it was every bit as incredible. The talent surpassed any and all expectations and it was very family friendly.

They played quite a few familiar songs – many of which show up in movies and cartoons. They are always about a 2 hour performance and that was a little long for my 2 and 4 years olds, but no biggie, we just stepped outside and they played. They also have a really nice one-sided glass mom’s room where I could have gone too. The church was very beautiful.

Beautiful day to step outside with the littles.
This part was my absolute favorite! The organist played Tocatta and Fugue in D minor and between his feet and hands he was playing 3 different parts! I loved that they showed his feet playing on the big screen. I had no idea it was like another piano down there!
Enraptured homeschoolers!
There are paid seats directly in front of the orchestra but I think our free seats were pretty great!
Our sweet homeschooling kiddos! Paradise Valley Highlands Latin Co-op “field trip” in Scottsdale AZ for the Scottsdale Philharmonic

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