Time to Order Your Winter Uniforms – Labor Day Weekend Sale

If you haven’t ordered your winter uniforms I highly recommend doing so now.French Toast is running a 15% off + free shipping on $99+ sale this labor day weekend (shop: https://www.frenchtoast.com/schoolbox/schools/excelsior-classical-homeschool-academy-QS5EWSL)
The labor force at French Toast has been significantly down.  I’m hoping after these Covid relief unemployment paychecks go away this week that people will get back to work and French Toast will become reliable again.  But if it is going to take 5 weeks again to get our clothes we will want to order early and not wait until it gets cold.  Order as soon as you are able.
Do They Really Need Winter Clothes in AZ?Yes, they definitely do.  We are outside a lot at co-op and some days it is really windy and chilly.  It even snowed last year at cottage school in January!  Please order the long sleeve shirts AND an embroidered outerwear garment.  Kids will complain to teachers about being cold if you don’t.  Some days you just really need a long sleeve and an outerwear garment – especially kids who feel cold more than we adults.  Once winter hits in they’ll wear their long sleeves every day, and when it is cold (like in the mornings the sun will just be coming up, or we can have some windy, chilly days) they will definitely need an outerwear garment in addition to long sleeves.  
Of course, boys will need pants if you haven’t ordered them yet get those, and girls will need cable knit tights (white for lower grades and navy for upper school girls).  If your daughter is prone to get cold, she can wear leggings or long johns under the tights but not on top.  The tights should have the cable knit look (just like their socks).  Boys can wear dress socks under their pants (they are longer than crew socks, they go to the knee) or long johns under pants if they get very cold.
Where to get tights?  Target for white, amazon for navy is where I have purchased mine.  Please see our uniform page-https://classicalhomeschoolcurriculum.com/uniforms-I spent a lot of time updating it with correct links on where you can find tights, socks etc.  Only thing not yet updated are the pictures as we just got our new uniforms last week.
NEW Outerwear!In late July the lower grade cardigans weren’t reliably in stock and also one mom mentioned to me she felt like her young son gets really cold easily so I added some new outwear –so that’s exciting!  The lower grade cardigans are still available and hopefully in stock for winter (they are the most formal looking, very cute)–so new this year:
NEW For Primary and Grammar Grades: 

  • Embroidered Microfleece Zip up Jacket (not as formal looking, won’t show their ties like the cardigans as it zips to neck, but should be the warmest outerwear)
  • Embroidered Vests (they look cute and can add extra warmth)

NEW For Upper School (7th+):

  • Embroidered Vests (optional)
  • Note: They have already received their blazers (blazers are the only option for outerwear for upper school)

Direct Link to Our French Toast School Box Store: https://www.frenchtoast.com/schoolbox/schools/excelsior-classical-homeschool-academy-QS5EWSL

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