classical homeschool co-op in scottsdale

The Sears-Kay Ruins Nature Outing

The Sears-Kay Ruins hike was just what I was hoping for. A short hike (only 1.6 m round trip–enough that a toddler could walk it holding my hand) with lots to explore and look at and plenty of space to run wild and free. It delivered on all accounts. It was an easy 45min drive…

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Bag pipes at our classical co-op

Wee Gillis

Wee Gillis is a story about a little Scottish boy with a love for bagpipes. It is written by Munro Leaf. You might know Munro Leaf! He also wrote Ferdinand the Bull, the beloved story about a bull who did not like to fight but only wanted to smell the flowers. Which…..they made into a…

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Book of the Trees Nature Outing: Cave Creek Botanical Gardens

Our 7th graders at co-op use the classical curriculum Book of the Trees from Memoria Press. As we are approaching the end of the curriculum it wants us to go out and nature journal a tree each week. This is exactly why we formed the Cardinal’s Nature Club – so we could see what we…

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Cardinal’s Culture Outing: Handel’s Messiah at Trinity Cathedral

There are no words to express how beautiful this is. Driving home, even the best of Christian musical just sounds like “twaddle” in our ears. It is such a wonderful tradition to start the Christmas season. This particular Messiah was also a sing-a-long so we brought our books to follow along and sing our parts…

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classical education homeschool nature walk

What’s that Bird? Nature Outing

In 6th grade, for science, we study birds. In our classically educating co-op we use the curriculum What’s That Bird? from Memoria Press. We learn to identify 30 of the most common birds by sight and by sound. We also learn about the anatomy of birds, how they fly, characteristics of different birds, etc. It’s…

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Classical Education Farm field trips

We saw this bull…at Schnepf Farms!

Here he is friends…in all his glory! The giant monstrosity of an animal! This picture really doesn’t do it justice. He was HUGE. 9 feet tall easy. They said he just kept growing. So maybe the painting above is accurate! Maybe this farmer was really proud of his giant square-like bull.

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Classical Japanese art and education paintings

Japanese Moon Festival and Telescope Viewing

In the 4th Grade Memoria Press Curriculum, we study Astronomy, so we though this would be a perfect opportunity to get out and see first hand all that we are learning. The children used the star gazing app on my phone to find the constellations they’ve learned. They had a huge telescope to view the…

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