We’re coming back! The Memoria Press Booth will be at the AFHE Convention 2020!

AFHE homeschool convention Memoria Press booth

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Last year was our first year with the Memoria Press booth and it was very exciting. All of our curriculum was there for all to see. We will be back! Are you coming to the annual homeschool convention? It is such a time of encouragement and fellowship. It was my first time every attending and being the person “behind” the booth but I enjoyed sharing my love of homeschooling and encouraging all the moms out there.

Our fearless team! L to R: Mrs. A. C. (mom of 3, uses MP), Mrs. Kathy Becker (works for MP) and me (mom of 7, director of Highlands Latin PV, homeschools with MP)!

If you would like to touch and look through the curriculum then this is a great opportunity. July 10-11th, 2020

See you there!

Register here: https://www.afhe.org/convention/registration/

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