Midsummer Night’s Dream at Mesa Community College

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We laughed until we cried! This was so incredibly well done. It was hilarious. The actors wore modern costumes and used modern accents and allusions to bring the play to a understanding we all could appreciate, but the words were all Shakespeare! I’m a very traditional person but I found I didn’t mind the modern costumes or allusions in the least. It actually really helped us understand the language better. I really liked how we all could “get” the jokes because of it. And also, I think just the fact that it is a play–meant to be acted out. If you don’t see it acted out you might not even realize some of the words were supposed to be funny.

Hands down the most hilarious part was at the end –the “play within a play.” The actor had me crying–literally. I couldn’t stop. He was THAT good. They all were. Great job Southwest Shakespeare Company!

Note: Seeing Midsummers Night’s Dream was great for middle school and up – too much littler and it would be over their heads. Also, there is love triangles involved. I called the company ahead of time to learn if the play would be appropriate for kids. Not all will be. This fits perfectly with our 9th grade curriculum as they are reading Midsummers Night’s Dream.

This actor was one of my favorites – he gave the best “dying” scene in the play within a play. I was crying I laughed so hard!
southwest shakespeare homeschool field trip
The father in this scene was hilarious–going for a Chris Farley type I’d say!
homeschool field trip az
We are enjoying this play so much!
homeschool az field trip
organ stop pizza homeschool field trip
Afterwards, we drove down the street to the Organ Stop Pizza Place and enjoyed incredible music and fun!
homeschool organ field trip
The man who plays this organ is truly gifted!
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Pizza! Such a fun time with great friends!

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