The House of Aries

Defenders of the Faith!

Sapientia is latin for “wisdom,” and we hope to pursue wisdom in all that we do. 

Our verse is Job 12:13, “With God are wisdom and might; he has counsel and understanding. (ESV)

The word might means power. That is where we get our word “mighty!” We want to be full of might but also full of wisdom. It is our duty to defend the faith and speak God’s truth, but in all things we need the Lord to give us wisdom so that we can be full of grace, and yet seasoned with salt, so that we can be most effective. And that is why we must always lean on God because with Him we can do all things! And for that reason our motto is: “With God are Wisdom and Might.”

The ram is our mascot. He symbolizes a leader and protector. He is the leader and the protector of his flock. We too are called to protect. We are called to be defenders of the faith and protect it from those who would want to “steal and destroy.”




House inductees 2020-2021
House leader Breck holding trophy 2019-2020 Champions!