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    Excelsior Classical Homeschool Academy

    Enrollment Form

    DUE DATE: Enrollment closes Sunday, July 31st 2022
    (To Secure your spot apply as soon as you can -
    Enrollment Fees will increase on May 2nd and July 1st - see below schedule)

    Excelsior is committed to admitting Christ honoring families who will be a blessing to our co-op as well as us to them. We are also committed to parent-led small classes. Your prompt response helps to secure your spot.

    General Information

    Enrollment Fee Schedule:

    All families will pay a non-refundable enrollment fee. This is a downpayment for tuition as well as reserves your child’s spot and is your good faith step that your child(ren) will attend Excelsior in the fall.

    Enrollment Fee Rate Schedule:

    • March 14th-May 1st $85 per student or max $230 per family

    • May 2nd-June 30th $125 per student, max $350 per family

    • July 1st: $150 per student, max $430 per family. Enrollment closes July 31st


    Next Step: Make Enrollment Selections

    Choose whether you would like to:

    • Stay and serve (teach or assist) —or—drop-off

    • Select your Payment Option

    • Fill out the Automatic debit authorization only if you select 10 monthly payments

    • Sign the Class Fees Contract

    Submitting this form online is acceptance of the terms of the Class Fees Contract.
    You must select a Payment Option and sign the Class Fees Contract.

    Class Fees Contract

    I CHOOSE (check one box only):

    Read the information below to help you determine the best option. Make your selection above on the check boxes.

    Stay and Serve and Lead Teach:

    $460 per child ($46/month August-May)
    AND $30 one time, flat rate credit per 30 min lead class you teach/$60 discount for 60 min class. Not everyone who stays and serves will be able to be a lead teacher.
    Example--if you have two children ($910 enrollment fees total) and you teach two 30 min classes your fee will be reduced from $910 to $850.

    Support for Lead Teachers:

    We follow curriculum manuals and teacher guides, so the lesson planning and instruction is all “done for you” (which is as amazing as it sounds). All course material is made with the expectation that the parent is not familiar with the subject material. Memoria Press provides us with extensive training materials (videos of teachers teaching your particular class) as well as hands-on training and mentoring. Pauline will teacher-train as needed throughout the year.

    What Are the Expectations of Lead Teachers?

    Lead teachers will need to go over the material in advance, they will likely need to prep for their classes such as pull flashcards if lesson plans suggest it. A lead teacher is committed to leading their class with excellence, helping the children make sense of the material and finding ways for it to have meaning to them.
    This can be done through excellent and engaging lectures, bringing in excellent picture books, supplementing with materials from home, having a meal based on the time period, etc. The options are endless. Each teacher should look for ways to bring a special spark to their class, whatever it may be.
    Teachers are expected to display professionalism in dress and in manner. Dress clothes are most appropriate in our formal environment. Our students wear ties and dress shoes, etc as well.

    Absence Expectations:

    We take ample breaks throughout the semester and a long Christmas break. Teachers are encouraged to take time off during those times or plan vacations around co-op. Lead teachers should not have more than 2 planned absences per semester (sickness is not included).

    NOTE: Not everyone will be able to lead teach, it is based on availability. If you are interested check this box and we can discuss how many lead classes you would like to teach and for which subjects.

    Stay and Serve and ASSISTANT TEACH

    $460 per child ($46/month August-May)

    Assistant teachers are in a support role.

    They will help clean, help students as needed, take students to the bathroom, watch at recess, etc. There will be times that assistant teachers will need to sub in their class if the lead teacher is taking a planned absence or sick day.
    All teachers are expected to display professionalism in dress and in manner. Dress clothes are most appropriate in our formal environment. Our students wear ties and dress shoes, etc as well.

    Absence Expectations:

    We take ample breaks throughout the semester and a long Christmas break. Teachers are encouraged to take time off during those times or plan vacations around co-op. No more than 2 planned absence per semester.


    *Illness Policy:

    A student should be symptom free from the following a full 24 hours before returning to co-op:
    Fever – Temperature of 100° or above WITHOUT use of fever reducing medication (acetaminophen or ibuprofen), vomiting, diarrhea, rash, persistent cough, lice (students may return to Excelsior after they are observed to be nit free for 48 hours).
    Note: A runny nose in and of itself is not considered an illness that requires staying home. If a student or teacher is feeling well but has a runny nose that is fine, bring tissues to use as needed. Infrequent coughs can be handled in a similar manner, one can step outside if needed or cough away from others into the crook of their elbow

    Drop-Off Family

    COST: $1485 per child ($148.50/month August-May)

    Committed To Homeschooling

    Drop off families should be fully committed to homeschooling the rest of the week. Our job is to assist you as the lead teacher. You are truly your children’s primary instructor.

    Behavior Expectation

    Children who are suitable candidates for drop off must come ready to learn and be well behaved. Discipline and training happens at home so that they will be ready to listen and obey the teachers that serve in the classes. Misbehavior is not tolerated. Co-op needs to be fun for the teachers who are volunteering and paying to be there. Constantly having to correct and discipline a drop off child is fun for no one. We are not a school and we do not have a detention room or a principal's office. Repeated misbehavior, disrespect, or refusing to follow instructions is grounds for removal from class and a parent will be called to come pick up their child.
    Only kindergarten and older are eligible for drop off.

    Payment Options (SELECT ONE)

    Payment Method if you choose 10 monthly payments:

    Automatic credit card is required for the 10 month plan.
    Processed on August 15th, and then the 15th day of every month through May 15th
    Late/Bounced Payments more than 7 days late will incur a $25 late penalty.
    Bounced withdrawals will incur a $25 processing fee in addition to the late fee.
    Accounts overdue by 25 days will be additionally subject to interest charges at 1.5% per month and all class fees for the year will become immediately due.
    Credit Card Information will be submitted separately in a secure manner.

    Full Year Obligation

    I understand that I have committed to paying class fees for the entire school year. Once you submit the enrollment form and pay your enrollment fee you’re committing to paying for the entire year. We have intentionally kept our fees extremely low to make this beautiful classical education available for all. Please remember to pay on time so we can meet our financial obligations. We budget at the start of the year and spend accordingly. We are not like the local city owned swim program that owns the pool and has hundreds of families enroll and if one quits it makes no difference. Families that commit and then quit leave us in a bad financial position. We also have offered you a spot and very likely turned down other wonderful families so that you can be part of our group. So that is why the fee agreement will obligate parents to pay a student’s fees for the entire school year.
    If a student drops out before the first day of school, only half the class fees will be due; after school has commenced, all fees will be due except a pro-rated rebate, not to exceed 50% of fees, that will be granted in the following circumstances:

    1. The student moves outside the greater Phoenix area (50 miles from church) with 60 days written notice.

    2. The student/teacher experiences extended physical illness and is unable to attend school the remainder of the year.


    Toddler or Baby With-You-In-Class Policy

    For those electing to serve as TEACHERS only and would like to have a toddler or baby with you in class this is the policy:

    There may be situations where you desire to have your baby or toddler with you instead of in the nursery (either some or all the day). If you desire to have your baby/toddler in class with you there are three criteria and all three must be met:

    1. They must not wander, they must be trained or able to stay with you/sit with you (this training must happen at home so they are prepared to be with you in class).

    2. They must be quiet. No incessant crying or banging, etc.

    3. They must not be a distraction to you or the students; parents are entrusting you to teach their children as well as manage the safety of their children so you must be able to do both those tasks with excellence at all times.

    4. Toddlers may sit with you and quietly color or read but they may not have electronics in the classroom (i.e. give them your phone to watch a movie).

    In summary, not all babies/toddlers will be the right fit for candidates in a classroom setting. Much of it depends on personality of the child as well as training at home.

    If you find your baby/toddler is not a right fit for a classroom setting there are options:

    1. We have a great nursery with age appropriate toys designed to stimulate and encourage learning through play. We have soft carpet and age appropriate toys for babies under 1 year. Once they are ready for the 2’s and 3’s class we have a full preschool curriculum with songs, nursery rhymes, Bible time, colors, letters, numbers.

      Please note–the preschool/nursery program and nursery does require paying fees for your baby/toddler, the church charges us the same rate for the preschool/nursery rooms as any other room. The parents that use the preschool/nursery rooms do pay for their usage. The cost is the same but you do not need to pay the enrollment fee for a baby/toddler.

    2. We do have a drop off program- not all co-ops offer this but we understand not everyone is in the phase of life to teach, so it is an option. Moms drop off for many different reasons but often it is because of a new baby. See the class fees section for rates.


    By signing and submitting this form you agree to the following:

    • I have read and agreed to the above and agree to pay the class fees on time according to the schedule I selected (Accounts overdue by 25 days will be additionally subject to interest charges at 1.5% per month).

    • I have read the “Full Year Obligation” on the payment selection page and I understand that by enrolling I am committing to paying the entire year (apart from the exceptions stated in said section)

    • For parents of babies/toddlers - I have read the policy above regarding babies/toddlers in class.

    • If I have chosen the 10 month payment plan I authorize Excelsior to withdraw monthly class fee payments (including the additional 5% surcharge) from my account until all class fees are paid.

    • I understand that Excelsior may, without exclusion of other actions, withhold school records and transcripts or suspend the student if class fee obligations are not met by the parents or guardians.

    • I understand that I am required to buy a very affordable uniform (there almost always is a discount coupon to be had) and this include purchasing winter apparel (i.e long sleeves, jacket or cardigan, tights, pants for boys) as it does get cold in AZ winters. Hand-me-downs are available on first come first serve.

    • I understand there will be a mandatory teacher training meeting on August 6th - it is required for all stay and serve teachers - please block off that day in your calendar now.

    Typing the names of parents/guardians below serves as signatures of all parents/guardians financially responsible for the child required.
    Please type (sign) both parents here:

    Note: if you want to print your responses, do so now as they will disappear when you press submit. To print press “control and click” then hit print, or “command” + “p” on a mac. You can also go to the top of the screen and click "file">"print".

    Enrollment payment information is below (you can go ahead and press “Submit” above first, the payment info below info will stay on the page after you press submit).

    To pay your enrollment fees via Venmo or Paypal, simply visit our Payment Page

    Checks are made payable to Pauline Abello (text me for address)

    Text me for directions to pay by Zelle (your bank must have that as an option for you).

    If you chose the 10 month auto payment I’ll be contacting you to get your payment information. Thanks!